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Hair Replacement Systems Near Westwood, MA

Hair replacement near Westwood can be found at SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON. The hair replacement experts at Suisse Natural Hair Salon offer a simple solution for thinning hair, it's called a hair replacement system and it works to conceal all of the common causes of hair loss.


What is a hair replacement system exactly? It's a "system" that "replaces the hair you're missing". And how does a hair replacement system work to conceal hair loss? It works by strategically attaching new hairs to the hair you'll never lose. In most cases of male and female hair loss, a perimeter of hair around the head is never lost. Of course there are exceptions, but again in most cases there's only a certain area of the scalp that loses hair.


hair replacement systems Westwood MA

Hair replacement systems from SUISSE are custom made out of an extremely fine mesh. So fine, that it virtually disappears when it touches the scalp.


SUISSE then blends natural human hair into the mesh and then attaches the mesh to your existing hair with our very own Invisible Attachment™ technique. By utilizing your existing hair, SUISSE can anchor the hair replacement system to the natural growing hairs in order to cover the thinning area.

westwood MA hair replacement systems

Hair Replacement Systems Near Westwood, MA

Hair replacement systems from SUISSE can last up to a year or more depending on your maintenance routine. Typically, we recommend having full service once a month to preserve the life of the system and to keep your hair looking its absolute best. This also depends on how fast your natural hair grows. 

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