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SUISSE Natural Hair Integration

The Healthier Choice For Hair Replacement Systems

When it comes to choosing a hair replacement provider, there are 4 important reasons why so many choose SUISSE 

over all the other hair replacement companies.

1. Most hair replacement companies use glue to apply hair replacement systems.

At SUISSE, we find this to be absolutely unacceptable. Smothering your scalp with glue will clog your existing follicles and prevent the chances of any regrowth. Only SUISSE offers the Invisible Attachment™ hair replacement technique, a natural hair integration process that allows your scalp to breathe.

2. Most hair replacement companies use stock hair replacement systems.

At SUISSE, we create custom hair replacement systems because obviously not everyone has the same sized scalp, hair type, and amount of hair loss. If you want a natural look, your hair replacement system needs to fit perfectly into your thinning areas.

3. Most hair replacement companies are open when they're open and that's that. What if you need emergency service? What if something unexpected happens?

At SUISSE, we develop solid relationships with our clients and will open our doors whenever a client needs us.

Our clients can rely on us. Our devotion to customer satisfaction doesn't end at closing time.

4. Most hair replacement companies are like BIG BOX stores, they buy in bulk in order to sell more product faster and cheaper. Their sales staff is pressured to sell, sell, sell with very little care or concern given to the client.

SUISSE is a boutique, we take great care and concern with each and every client. Our prices are still competitive with

international chain hair replacement companies, however our products and services are exceptionally better!

Contact SUISSE today!


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