Unlike hair transplantation, Suisse's natural hair integration technique is a non-surgical hair loss solution that works extremely well for both women and men. It is a completely safe method of hair replacement that requires no surgery, no recovery time, no medication, and no risk. Compared to other hair restoration methods, our natural integration technique is more convenient, more affordable and gives superior results. Best of all, it can help anyone, unlike other methods such as surgery, topical treatments or medication. 


With natural hair integration, you can wash and style your hair as you normally would, without the use of any special hair products. Many clients have commented that the daily care of their hair is simpler with their added hair, no longer spending time fussing, trying to make their hair look good. Most female clients return for monthly care which includes shampoo, conditioning, cutting, coloring, and styling. 



If you want to avoid a dramatic change in your appearance, we offer gradual hair integration to create a subtle change. You decide how fast or slowly you’d like to achieve your new look. You are completely free to engage in an active lifestyle. Exercise, play sports, run, swim, dance, enjoy yourself! You can do whatever you like, that’s the beauty of Suisse. 

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