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Hair Replacement Client Testimonials
Suisse Salon offers the quintessential hair integration system that not only makes me look years younger, it has changed my life! I had been traveling to New York for years to purchase high quality wigs to cover my thinning hair, but never achieved the natural look I craved. I am always complimented on what "great hair" I have and it's because the Suisse Natural Hair integration system feels and looks like my very own! The quality and color of my hair is perfection, and the quality of experience, expertise and the philosophy that "the client must be well-served" makes me wonder why people would want to go anywhere else!

I have been a client of Suisse Salon in Newton, Ma since 1999. Prior to this I consulted with physicians and dermatologists and was told that I was suffering from male pattern baldness and there was nothing they could do. I saw an ad for Rogaine and went to Boston to try it. After three years without any success I gave up. Then I looked in the phone book and found Suisse Salon. I called and spoke to Sarah, and she assured me she could help me. My husband and I went to see her and one of her clients graciously let us see her hair system. We were very much impressed with Sarah’s work, and I became a client myself. Anyone that has a full head of hair can’t even describe what it feels like to have thin hair. You are so self-conscience you think everyone is looking at you, and you feel terrible. That is all in the past, now I have a beautiful head of hair. A few close friends and family can’t believe it’s not my own, it looks so natural. Thanks to Sarah at Suisse Salon I feel good about myself and love it when people comment on how nice my hair looks.
I'm writing to give the highest praise to the Suisse Natural Hair Salon of Newton, MA. Suisse Salon provides marvelous service in scrupulously clean, comfortable and private surroundings. And I can't say enough about the skill, taste and tact of Sarah, it's proprietor and creative star. Sarah's clients have depended on her (many for over 20 years) to provide them with expert, stylish, natural and highly attractive hair solutions. In fact, they can't imagine life without Suisse and Sarah's skill and devotion. I should also emphasize her professionalism, reliability and warmth. I can't imagine that there's any place in the area that comes close to providing the quality and artistry of Suisse Salon. 
-T. Wein 
In Law they say "res ipsa loguitor", or 'the thing speaks for itself'. I have been traveling for 30 years from Maui, Hawaii, every 5 weeks to visit Suisse, the best natural hair salon there is. Suisse, and its owner Sarah Deutsch, have given me a better life and self- confidence. I only wish I had known her and Suisse earlier. I look and feel "young and happy" and I am 62, often mistaken for 35!!! It is simply "no ka oi" or “the best" as the Hawaiians say. You, men and women must try it to believe it. For thinning hair or simply the desire for a change, this is the only answer. It’s simply the best.
I have been a highly satisfied and loyal client of Suisse Natural Hair Salon and its owner, the talented Sarah Deutsch, for the past twelve years. During that time, Sarah has offered consistent, sensitive and solicitous customized service. She always goes the extra distance to be available and to please. Sarah is a consummate professional and perfectionist. She takes the time to understand my needs and to offer her advice and expertise. Her use of color and styling is unparalleled. On a personal level, Sarah is a warm and compassionate person. She has deep empathy for her clients who have endured the anguish of premature hair loss. I feel fortunate to count her as a friend, and do not hesitate to recommend her to others. I know for a fact that many of her clients fly from great distances to avail themselves of Sarah's services. They know she and Suisse Natural Hair Salon are one of a kind.
-I wish to remain anonymous (for professional reasons)
It's been my pleasure to be a happy customer of Suisse since the day it opened for business back in 1987. Sarah and her team have developed one of the best offerings possible for hair solutions and personal image perfection. Suisse is the only salon I want touching my hair.
I saw an ad for Suisse in Boston magazine and decided to give the salon a try. I have been getting my hair highlighted for about 15 years and this was undoubtedly the best job that was ever done. Sarah (the owner) takes her job very seriously and you get the impression that she personally would not feel good unless your hair came out perfect. I have been to many salons in the Boston area, many top-rated ones, but have never had someone pay as much time and attention to me as Sarah did. She does not cut corners at all. I plan on this being my last “stop” as far as hair salons go. 

Suisse Natural Hair Salon (exit 17 off the Mass Pike)

Call Toll Free: (800) 675-7779

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