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SUISSE Natural Hair Replacement Reviews 



I adore this salon and won't go anywhere else. Let me begin by saying I am extremely particular about my hair. I only trust SUISSE. Sarah does an incredible job. My highlights are striking, but not over the top - perfect! Exactly what I wanted. She took her time listening to me and looking at photos I brought in. The blow outs are also AMAZING. Best I have ever had. You will definitely leave SUISSE feeling 10x more beautiful than when you walked in. Highly recommend!!


Great Salon...Sarah and her staff are true professionals.


I have been a SUISSE customer for 18 years. This salon is absolutely the best in the Boston area! As a young woman I began showing symptoms of hair loss/thinning. Sarah not only gave me back my beautiful hair, she gave me back my self confidence. Sarah is a true professional who doesn't rest until every client looks terrific. I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Finding her was life changing!


SUISSE is great! They do the best job and really take the time to understand your needs.


I visited SUISSE SALON earlier this week for a consultation and met with Sarah. Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect as this is newer territory for me and I’m generally a skeptical person. Sarah was excellent! She assured me and answered my questions. It’s refreshing to speak with someone who will give you answers straight up. Sarah does not beat around the bush. We’ve scheduled our next few appointments and I feel I’m in good hands. Suisse’s solutions seem very promising. Thank you Sarah!


Two words – NO CONTRACT. All you guys chained to the club need to check out SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON. Everything about this place is better! It’s convenient, affordable, the staff is great, and their technique feels much more comfortable than what I was used to getting at Hair Club.


I have been a client of Sarah's at SUISSE SALON for 6 months. Sarah is the very best in the business! Not only is she extremely professional, her establishment is bright, open and well arranged for privacy. Through the hair integration process Sarah has literally changed my life and given me back the confidence and voice that I had lost due to my extreme hair thinning. I cannot recommend SUISSE SALON in Newton enough! Although the process is costly, it is worth every single penny. Sarah is much more than a stylist, she is an expert in combating hair loss and through her work returns boldness, confidence and dignity to each and every client whose life she touches.


SUISSE had been on my "to-do" list for a long time. I had read about them in Boston Magazine many times before but wasn't ready to face my fears. My new year's resolution was to finally do something about my hair, so I took a deep breath and made the call. Sarah made it extremely easy for me and she helped me to realize that what I was feeling wasn't as uncommon as I thought. If you're reading this now and have been procrastinating like I was, let me tell you this. I feel so much better now!


I have nothing but great things to say about Sarah and SUISSE! I feel and look like a million bucks! Thank You!


SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON is the best! Sarah and her staff do incredible work! I've been a client for years and can't imagine going anywhere else.


Sarah won't make your hair grow, but she will make you forget that you have any hair problems. Sarah has been in the business of providing solutions for hair thinning for decades and it shows. She is extremely knowledgeable and did an amazing job making my hair look very natural. I am so happy I found Sarah and her salon! - she really gave me my life back. Now I don't have to worry about how I look - Sarah takes care of it for me!


I've been trying to deal with my hair loss issues for the last few years. I thought I'd found a great hair replacement option with one company but the staff seemed to be mostly fresh out of high school and the service was unsatisfactory. I did a little research on the web and found The SUISSE Natural Hair Challenge. I watched it with some skepticism but was really impressed with what I saw. The results looked promising. I went in and the hair replacement specialists were true professionals. The services provided were over the top and I really love the results. It's great to have hair again! Great job and highly recommended!


SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON gave me the look I always wanted. My hair was really thin which made it very difficult for me to manage. Although the location of the salon is far from where I live, it's worth the trip every time. I've never felt this good about my appearance before I found Suisse! I highly recommend the quality of their services and products.


Sarah's work is always amazing! It's always a pleasure to see her!


My hair was extremely thin and I was very uncomfortable discussing it with anyone , until I met Sarah . When I first stepped through the door of SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON I was nervous to say the least , but after my first meeting with Sarah my anxiety significantly diminished . On my second visit my reassurance that I had made the right choice began to kick in. My hair is fuller than ever!  It feels natural and best of all I didn`t have to have surgery and I don't have to take medication to keep this wonderful hair.


I have been to many, hair salons, and no one has listened to me or understood me better than Sarah. I have never left SUISSE disappointed and strongly recommend it to anybody looking to change their appearance for the better!


I love SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON. This is the look I wanted and the look that gave me back my confidence and pride. Sarah is a true professional! I highly recommend her to everyone. 


My hair never looked as good as it does now! Seriously, I feel like I turned the clock back twenty years! I love the way it looks, I love the way it feels, and I love playing with it. I'm giddy like a teenager with all this hair. My husband calls me a fox now and I feel young, sexy and confident. I can't believe I walked by this place so many times before! If you're looking for a revival, look no further, SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON is amazing.


Sarah at SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON works wonders for me! I've been a client for a few years now and I still get excited about my hair after every appointment. Sarah knows exactly what I want, and she delivers every time. 


We all have our little secrets. Mine happens to be Suisse. I won't tell you what I've had done, and you'll never know. That's what I love about SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON!


SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON voted "BEST SALON" in the 2012 Newton Patch Readers' Choice Awards! SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON provides reliable, affordable, non-surgical hair loss solutions for women and men in a discrete, relaxing environment.


My experience with SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON has been nothing short of miraculous. Sarah always makes me feel at ease, and she does an incredible job making my hair look beautiful and natural. I love how discrete the service is too. The private parking lot and private rooms have made dealing with my hair issues a lot less stressful. I'm very happy that I found SUISSE and I'm even happier that no one can tell that I have a secret weapon for my hair. It's worth every penny, because I feel like a million bucks!


SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON truly changed my life! My thin hair was driving me crazy, and it had progressed to the point where I didn't feel comfortable with my appearance anymore. Sarah assured me that the problem I faced could easily be conquered. She was right. It`s as if I turned back the clock ten years. I highly recommend what SUISSE has to offer.


I am so happy with the results that I achieved here. I have always wished to have beautiful hair. My problem with thinning hair was not letting me get the look I wanted. Sarah is amazing to be able to create and style the look I so desperately wanted!


Nothing compares to SUISSE! Sarah's attention to detail is impeccable. She is always there when I need her and she exceeds my expectation every time. My hair never looked better and it feels amazing. Thank you Sarah for everything you do for me.


I have been a client of SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON since 1993, and I have never had a bad hair day since! When I first experienced hair loss, I went to many doctors, everyone from a herbalist to an internist, no answers. Finally a dermatologist suggested that I see Sarah at SUISSE. From the day of my first visit, I knew I was in good hands! When I walked out of the salon with my hair system I felt healthy and young again, months of stress and worry ended and I have never looked back! I tried it all, special brushes, Minoxidil, pills,  you name it. I dreaded washing and styling my hair,  it was so painful to see the hairs in the brush! Now I have no hair worries and I LOVE styling my hair again!


I have been looking for a solution for my thinning hair for so long now. I tried a couple of places and they were both overpriced and didn't treat me how I wanted, so I called SUISSE and they took care of everything. They showed me exactly how they would deal with it, and I was impressed. I'm really glad I went to Suisse! I will be back in the future.


When I moved to Boston my main concern was finding a place to continue my hair replacement service. As a man, I wasn't sure that a salon was going to be the right choice for my needs, but low and behold SUISSE turned out to be better than the men's club I was previously visiting in New York. Sarah and her staff at SUISSE are great and the private rooms are very relaxing. If you're like me and prefer confidentiality, SUISSE is the place to go!


When my hair thinned out after the birth of my son it didn't bother me all that much until the gray began to take over. With my hair thin and gray, I just didn't feel like myself anymore. I tried over the counter hair dye but it never gave me my true color, it stained my scalp and my gray roots would come back so quickly it became a chore that I simply couldn't stand anymore. Thanks to Sarah at SUISSE, my hair is now back to its original color, it's thicker than ever and I feel amazing. It's not cheap, however her costs are no higher than the other places I looked into. What really sold me on SUISSE was the exclusive one on one attention matched with ultimate privacy. If you're suffering from hair loss I highly recommend giving Sarah a call!


I highly recommend SUISSE for hair replacement & hair extension, they are excellent!


Sarah and the staff at SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON provides impeccable service! Maintaining my hair has never been easier. I enjoy the no hassle scheduling and the privacy of the secluded rooms is a huge bonus! Much better than the club.


At SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON you get the one on one quality service in a private room unlike other salons, which makes you feel more comfortable. Sarah and her SUISSE staff were very kind and understanding because they deal with many different hair related topics so they know what you are going through. Because you are not the only one who has walked through those doors of her office with a hair issue that has changed your life, you are not alone! You won't be the first nor the last. But she changes that, you walk out of her office feeling better and happier! Their service quality is amazing and you can tell they care about every single client and treat them like you were their first one. I called last minute and was in a rush but she worked her magic and I left very happy! I am so blessed to have experienced SUISSE SALON and wouldn't go anywhere else! I would 100% hands down recommend SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON to anyone!


My wife's hair looks great! They do a wonderful job and Sarah is so kind and professional. If you want your hair to be full, beautiful and natural colored then head on over, the results speak for themselves that's for sure!


Great environment, impeccable service and amazing results! My hair looks better than I ever expected it could. I highly recommend SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON to anyone who needs a little boost in the hair department.


If you're looking for a revival, look no further, SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON is amazing!


Great staff here at SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON - everyone here is so polite and so quick to help, it's a huge change from most hair salons I've visited. I am a bit shy about my hair, I've had some problems with thin and thinning hair. The staff here is well-versed with people suffering from hair problems, and they understand how to work with you and how to minimize the embarrassment of hair problems. They create looks that work with your personality and your hair type - leaving you feeling so much better about yourself. I have a newfound confidence after coming here, it has really allowed me to be more outgoing, and not so worried about my thinning hair. My stylist, Sarah, is a creative marvel!





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