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Suisse Natural Hair Salon 


April 2018

Battling Bald Spots

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you’re not alone. In the United States, 35 million men and 21 million women report significant hair loss. Sixty-five percent of men and eighty percent of women have noticeable hair loss by age sixty. So, how can you regain the full head of hair from yesteryear? It’s easier than you think.

The experts at Suisse Natural Hair Salon in Newton have specialized in non-surgical hair replacement for more than 30 years. “Going under the dryer is much more relaxing than going under the blade,” says owner Sarah Deutsch.

Deutsch says consumers should understand that hair transplantation doesn’t solve the underlying causes of hair loss since not all follicles will grow, requiring additional surgeries. By opting for the non-surgical, “invisible attachment” technique at Suisse, there’s no risk to your health and the results are instant. “Why spend precious time recovering and anticipating hair growth?” Deutsch asks. “Simply visit the salon, not an operating room, and you’ll leave with a full head of hair after your appointment.”

At Suisse, Deutsch says the best part of the job is seeing the look on her clients’ faces when they see themselves for the first time in the mirror with their new hair. “Witnessing the immediate display of rejuvenated self-esteem is our proudest moment as hair replacement artists,” she says.

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Suisse hair replacement for women
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