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SUISSE Natural Hair Replacement Reviews 
"The best salon around. Sarah, the owner, is truly amazing and she'll make you beautiful." - A.G.
"SUISSE has helped me a lot over the years, it's tough being a woman losing your hair, but this salon has changed my life. If you are a woman and you are losing your hair there is no other place I would recommend." - C.C.
"SUISSE is great, they do the best job and really take the time to understand your needs."  - Steve
"I have been to many, MANY, hair salons, and no one has listened to me or understood me better than Sarah. I have never left SUISSE disappointed and strongly recommend it to anybody looking to change their appearance for the better."  - Catherine
"My hair was extremely thin and I was very uncomfortable discussing it with anyone until I met Sarah. When I first stepped through the door of SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON I was nervous to say the least, but after my first meeting with Sarah my anxiety significantly diminished. On my second visit my reassurance that I had made the right choice began to kick in. My hair is fuller than ever, it feels natural and best of all I didn’t have to have surgery and I don’t have to take medication to keep this wonderful hair."  - Isadora 
"Before I found SUISSE, I thought hair club was the only place I could go to have my hair done. Don't  be fooled by the name salon, this place is great for guys too. It's discrete and much more convenient than having to go downtown. I highly recommend it."  - David
"SUISSE is the sceret of my hair success! They so completely matched the Hair System to my own (thinning) hair, that co-workers never noticed the difference - except of course that I got compliments everywhere: "have you done something different with your hair"? "Are you seeing a new stylist, and can I have his/her name"? Fortunately, I started with SUISSE (and the lovely Sarah) early on in my hair loss ordeal. She restored my confidence and my beautiful hair! I looked at other solutions - glues, wigs, and assorted "cures" that all looked tacky and suspicious to me. I was referred to SUISSE by my Dermatologist, and she did not lie.....Sarah is the BEST." - Lesli
"I'm writing to give the highest praise to the SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON of Newton, MA. SUISSE SALON provides marvelous service in scrupulously clean, comfortable and private surroundings. And I can't say enough about the skill, taste and tact of Sarah, its proprietor and creative star. Sarah's clients have depended on her (many for over 20 years) to provide them with expert, stylish, natural and highly attractive hair solutions. In fact, they can't imagine life without SUISSE and Sarah's skill and devotion. I should also emphasize her professionalism, reliability and warmth. I can't imagine that there's any place in the area that comes close to providing the quality and artistry of SUISSE. It truly is Best of Boston."  - T.W.
"It was a little uncomfortable for me at first, since losing my hair as a woman is pretty embarrassing, but Sarah and her staff did an outstanding job making me feel right at home. They were so professional and so kind, and of course I love my hair now! I definitely recommend giving them a try." - Jane 
"I've been trying to deal with my hair loss issues for the last few years. I thought I'd found a great hair replacement option with one company but the staff seemed to be mostly fresh out of high school and the service was unsatisfactory. I did a little research on the web and found The SUISSE Natural Hair Challenge. I watched it with some skepticism but was really impressed with what I saw. The results looked promising. I went in and the hair replacement specialists were true professionals. The services provided were over the top and I really love the results. It's great to have hair again! Great job and highly 
recommended!" - Michael
"I found SUISSE SALON in Newton through a friend. I went to Suisse for a consultation after searching for a solution to my thinning hair problem for many years. Sarah, the owner, was so understanding of my problem and was so confident that she could help me. She said "I am going to make you beautiful" and she sure did. It has been 7 years since I first walked into SUISSE and I have never regretted it. Sarah and her team have such an understanding of women and men who face serious hair problems and they do everything to make you feel comfortable. The salon is designed to give you maximum privacy and Sarah will take all the time in the world to make sure you are happy with your result. My level of confidence has always been high but now I feel even more confident with my appearance. This is so important to me in meeting clients, networking, and in my social life. I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments I receive. Most everyone has no idea that I have a hair problem. Everything SUISSE does is so customized that you cannot help but look good. I cannot imagine doing anything else!" - N.P.
"Sarah and her staff know their profession...nice salon, nice people." - Mark
"I'm in front of people all day long and I had to hide my hair. It was that bad. So I searched for hair salons. I had seen SUISSE salon in the past in Boston Magazine so I went there for the free consultation. They were so nice they welcomed me and understood my hair problem immediately. After I got my new hair, my family said I looked beautiful. When I went to my job my friends didn't realize that I had enhanced my hair, they thought I had some kind of plastic surgery because I looked so much younger. They were jealous!!!  I noticed people staring at me as if I was a famous actress. I just love SUISSE SALON. They don't fool around and are truly interested in satisfying their customers. It literally changed my life and outlook on life." - R.R.

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