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Hair Replacement FAQ

hair replacement for women

As a woman suffering from hair loss, it’s not always easy to reach out for help. Facing something you don’t completely understand and can’t control can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’re embarrassed by the situation. Your primary care physician is the best place to start investigating the cause, and once you determine what's causing your hair loss, finding a solution can prove to be an even more difficult task.

If you’re feeling discouraged, remember this, you’re not alone. Millions of women experience hair loss at some point in their lives. And while some types of hair loss are temporary, some irreversible types of hair loss such as Alopecia Areata can begin at an early age and continue throughout adulthood. 

There are many approaches a woman can take to combat hair loss, from vitamins to medication, from laser treatments to surgical procedures, and depending on what type of hair loss you're dealing with, some may work better than others.


However, even the most popular hair regrowth treatments on the market (that claim to be a solution) end up falling short of what most women would accept a cosmetically successful. Sure, regrowing "peach fuzz" may count as hair regrowth, but it certainly isn't enough to satisfy a woman who wants a full head of hair! This is why concealing hair loss with natural hair replacement is an excellent choice.

Millions of women are currently utilizing non-surgical hair replacement to conceal their hair loss because it's the only method that really delivers the volume of hair a woman wants. And while there are many different hair replacement options available today, SUISSE's unique natural hair integration technique is among the very best in the world!


What makes SUISSE natural hair integration better than the rest? First, it's the use of the finest quality human hair, not synthetic strands. Second, it's the way the hair is blended, SUISSE doesn't use harmful adhesives or weaves. And the most important reason why SUISSE tops the rest is the artistry; the attention to detail, the color, highlights, textures and styling that blend the new hair so perfectly, only you and your SUISSE stylist will ever know your secret.

Life's too short to let hair loss ruin your self image. Schedule a private consultation at SUISSE and learn how natural hair integration can change everything, not just your look but your state of mind. It's unbelievable what a full head of healthy hair can do to a woman's self esteem!

Click on any of the following frequently asked questions for answers. If you have a question that isn't answered here, submit one on the contact page.

hair replacement for women

My hair isn't thinning, but I wish it was longer,

can SUISSE make your hair longer?

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