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Hair Loss Solution For Women & Men


Hair Loss Statistics

30 percent of women will experience some sort of hair loss, usually first noticed with age as a skinnier ponytail or a little more visible scalp peeking out. By the age of thirty-five, two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss, and by the age of fifty approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. 


Hair Loss Pevention

Thinning hair can be a traumatic experience for both women and men. Although most causes of hair loss are irreversible, there are ways to slow down the thinning process. Changes in your diet, reducing stress levels, and even strategically styling can help promote healthy hair and less thinning.


Hair Loss Causes

The first step in minimizing hair loss is to visit your doctor to identify why your hair is thinning. If your doctor determines that you don't have serious health issues, or resolving them doesn't minimize symptoms, your next stop is the dermatologist's office. A dermatologist will perform a scalp exam and take a detailed medical and family history to determine why your hair is thinning and help you develop a treatment plan. If you are unable to regrow hair with medications such as Minoxidil and Finasteride due to androgenetic alopecia, natural hair integration is a safe hair replacement option for both men and women.

Hair Loss Treatments

Unlike hair transplant surgery and topical hair medication, natural hair integeration requires no risk, no side effects, and no 

recovery time. Natural hair integration is a simple procedure that involves securing natural human hair to your own hair to fill in the thinning areas of your scalp. By strategically blending natural human hair that is specifically matched to your hair produces a completely natural looking head of hair that feels and behaves just like natural growing hair. At SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON, we use a precise method of hair integration that is performed without the use of harmful chemical adhesives.

Unlike wigs or toupees, SUISSE natural hair integration is performed with our unique "invisible attachment" technique. This precise european technique allows your scalp to breath and allows your natural hair to continue growing. The added hair is virtually undetectable to the eye and to the touch, it looks and feels like it is actually growing out of your scalp.  


Hair Loss Solution

Since 1987, SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON has successfully helped thousands of men and women with thinning hair regain a full, natural looking head of hair with our natural hair integration process. To learn more about this unique hair replacement technique we invite you to schedule a private consultation with a SUISSE hair replacement specialist. 



Hair loss solutions for women & men

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