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SUISSE uses Goldwell award winning hair color for color correction and highlighting!


Has your hair lost its luster, shine, and vibrancy?  Are greys starting to take up most of your head’s prime real estate? Are you experiencing breakage? Don’t worry, these are all issues that can easily be addressed with natural color correction.


When we’re out and about enjoying the day, the sun’s UV rays are stripping our natural hair color without us even realizing it. When we’re at the beach, hiking, or bike riding, the wind and sun together are actually robbing our hair of nutrients.


If you prefer to take your dip in the pool, you’re really giving your hair a run for its money. The chlorine and trace metals found in pool water are extremely harsh on your hair and will actual begin to bleach out your hair’s natural pigments. These chemicals also disturb the cuticle layer of the hair and can leave it dry, brittle, damaged, and faded. And as if the unattractive visual aspects of dry, damaged hair aren’t enough, there are other factors that can make matters worse.


When hair is dry and brittle, it’s much more prone to breakage. When your hair needs a little extra oomph, natural color correction is a great place to start. By refreshing your hair with Suisse Natural hair color correction you can brighten up your look while also erasing much of the noticle damage. Bring back your hair’s vibrancy with Goldwell at SUISSE!

To learn more about how SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON can help you achieve your hair goals, we invite you to schedule a private consultation with a SUISSE hair replacement expert. 


Call 617.244.9414 or click here to schedule your private consultation

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