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Hair Replacement FAQ


Q. What technique does SUISSE use?


A. SUISSE uses a precise European technique of hair integration and extension. It is a non-surgical, non-chemical method of adding hair only where you need it. 100% natural, human hair is matched and blended with your own hair for a completely natural look. Compared to other hair replacement methods, our technique is convenient, more affordable and gives superior results. Best of all, it can help anyone, unlike other methods such as surgery, topical treatments or medication.


Q. Can I do it gradually?


A. Yes, if you want to avoid a dramatic change in your appearance, SUISSE offers gradual hair integration to create a subtle change. You decide how fast or slowly you'd like to achieve your new look.


Q. Will this procedure damage my hair?


A. No. The SUISSE natural hair replacement method does not involve the use of braids,(weaving), toxic adhesives, chemicals or other harmful agents. None of your natural hair is removed, altered or damaged in any way, as is with other hair replacement techniques such as transplants, bulky braid weaving, scalp reductions or fusion adhesive treatments.


Q. What if I have no hair problems but just want to lengthen my hair and add volume?


A. We can help with natural hair extensions, an ideal solution for those who want longer hair and added fullness. Unlike other extension techniques, Suisse does not use harmful adhesives such as hot glue. We offer a safe extension solution that won't cause damage your natural hair.


Q. Could you walk me through the process?


A. The first step is to book a private consultation. You'll receive a complete analysis of your hair and a full description of the SUISSE Precision Plus technique from an appearanced consultant. Your custom matched hair will arrive as soon as possible, depending on the specific method chosen to suit your hair condition. Next we perform the careful integration of your new hair which can take up to 2 to 3 hours. You then return for monthly follow-up care which may include cutting, coloring, and styling similar to going to any salon regularly for your hair care.


Q. How easy is it to maintain my new hair?


A. You can wash and style your hair as you normally would, without the use of any special hair products. In fact, many clients have commented that the daily care of their hair is simpler with their added hair, no longer spending time fussing, trying to cover thinning areas to make their hair look good.


Q. Are there any restrictions with this procedure?


A. None, you are completely free to engage in any extra curricular activities you desire. Enjoy excercising, sports or any other activity, including swimming with your new hair. You can do whatever you like. The beauty of the SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON technique is that it looks, feels, and acts just like your own naturally growing hair.


Have more questions to ask? Schedule a private consultation and we'll be happy to discuss anything that's on your mind regarding your current hair situation and the services we offer at SUISSE NATURAL HAIR SALON.


Call 617.244.9414 or click here to schedule a private consultation

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